the comitato valdo fusi apolitical and no-profit, was started in turin during may 2005 (download the application form in .pdf o .doc format and join now!).

the aim of the committee is to launch, together with the local government, an international competition to redesign the green areas in the historical city center of turin, and in particular in the squares valdo fusi, carlina and balbo. the competition, which will be launched through private sponsorships and public subscription, will be an occasion to apply innovative procedures - for instance by asking citizens and experts together to express themselves on the finalist projects, as it happened for competitions of "les halles" in paris or the world trade center in new york. the procedures, developed in order to be compatible with italian laws on public tenders, could be used again by turin's municipality or by other italian cities in the future. the aim is to contribute to the present-day debate on the quality of architecture in italy and on the strategies that could promote it.

the winning entry should be presented in 2006, while construction (which will not interfere with the valdo fusi underground parking and the local vehicular traffic system) could end before uia's 2008 world congress of architects.

the comitato valdo fusi was initiated thanks to effetto-t, an association started in turin at the end of 2004 the comitato valdo fusi committee can be contacted c/o the associazione torino internazionale, via pietro micca 21, 10121, turin, italy, tel/fax (+39) 011 516 2006 (ms. alice spalatro).

please cick on the italian side of this website to see the shortlisted architects and projects.